From Tracting To Blogging: My New Digital Do


So, my first post on a new site, created just a week and a couple days after coming home as a Christmas surprise from Tegucigalpa, Honduras, and the readers want to know what’s my first word to say?


Really. I’m not exactly sure how to start. The idea came a day ago, when I was reading again an article from the Fall 2012 issue of BYU Magazine that seemed to correspond with recent instruction from the Twelve Apostles regarding member missionary work.

The idea in a very tiny nutshell is basically posting my life experiences on this website and my insights gained from my studies of the message of the Restoration.

Before, I was knocking doors and inviting taxi drivers in Spanish to find out more and pray to know.

Now I’m going to do it on this website. (Not knocking on your door. Don’t worry.)

I want to keep inviting. I’ve never felt so satisfied in any activity in my entire life, most of the time I’m quite similar to one of those small bouncy balls from gumball machines that are nearly impossible to catch when you bounce it hard, and I can’t seem to stick to one activity.

But writing intrigues me. Now, inviting others to find out for themselves the blessings of the Restoration has been added to my favorite activities. So I’m going to combine these two on this site. Hope people read though.

So to end this short first post, (Strange, isn’t it?) I’m going to ask those reading to subscribe, because I can promise some really interesting posts. At least I’m going to do my best to be interesting. If you are just a wonderful person and really, really, really think that the post is so cool you want to share with friends and post comments, by all means, I say sigue adelante, but I do expect civility.

So hope this works, cause I’m still going to be a missionary, and this website is going to be part of my missionary activities. Enjoy!

– Jeremy Unitt


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