Fear of Criticism: Don’t Bury Your Talents!


I’m writing a post that was designed to go out on Monday but found itself becoming a Wednesday post due to slothfulness. Sorry, readers.

Monday was Family Home Evening, and we had the chance to use the day constructively both in the morning and in the evening to find out what the Spirit wished to teach us specifically for our day together as family.

In the morning, we went out to watch the movie Frozen, the newest Disney princess film. Now I’ve never been a fan of spoilers, so I’m just going to focus on the lesson I got out of the film. Well, one of the lessons that I got.

The Queen of Arendelle, Elsa, had a special gift that was misunderstood by her parents, and because of the fear of her parents on the misunderstanding it could create, it was directed that she hide her powers, not let it be shown.

I made the connection with the Parable of the Talents later that night, as the spiritual principle chosen for the night’s lesson was based on the sharing of talents. We made wreaths as it was a new talent that my dad had learned and he wanted to teach us how to make it so we could use the new craft to give to the home teaching and visiting teaching families.

There was an interesting connection, how the goal and the idea of personal peace in both situations in the story, in Frozen and in the Parable, came from a sharing of gifts, not keeping special talents to self. Of course there were critics, but they followed misunderstandings. Everything turned to sunnier sides when understanding was made between the gifted person and the people she could share it with.

Fear often turns to silence when it comes to the amazing, incredible things that we can do and have been given by our Father in Heaven. Don’t let fear or the voice of critics paralyze you!

The key to getting good is sharing with others. The more you share the better you’ll feel, and be.


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