Playing the Ones Who Prepared the Way – 2014 Stake Youth Conference Pioneer Trek


First of all, I definitely have to apologize for my lack of stories, for some strange reason I found myself not having the opportunity to share my stories of the special events in life due to, well, life.

As I was asked to participate in my stake youth conference, I felt it would be the perfect opportunity to redeem myself and try to get my writing back on track for all of those who actually find my life interesting.

Or at the least bit, a place they can draw some much needed light from.

As my primary goal in life – or at least the one I’ve established for myself – is that of inspiring others to achieve their full potential and worth, to grasp the light that is available everyday

Being asked to participate in youth conference was a beautiful privilege, a chance to make my purpose and intention fulfilled in part for the youth in my geographical area.

And I dressed to be a missionary from frontier era America of the late 1830s-40s, to play the character of a missionary serving in frontier America asked to inspire the participants of the pioneer trail to participate in missionary labors.

The subjects were varied, and to me and my companion’s delight, quite inspired by the Spirit and the needs of the individuals participating in the conference. We spoke of gaining a testimony, setting goals and preparing to serve the Lord, the role of spiritual gifts (see my last blog article on spiritual gifts) and shared my most touching missionary stories.

Reflecting on both the missionary past of the church as well as my own occupations in the labor was a priceless gift to give the weekend for, and I know I’m a bit stronger in understanding, and feeling, how the mission has affected my life.

Truly those men of the 1830s were some blessed honored pioneers.

So what to get from this post? Don’t forget the role the people of the past have on your future. Don’t forget the sacrifices they’ve made. Don’t forget the challenges they went through to allow you to be where you are today.

Instead, remember.

Remember and honor. Make decisions, and apply the stories you read of forefathers and ancestors. They did what they did for you. So you could live life the way you do now.

If you feel your life is not in a state that it should be, then change it. You now become the pioneer. You might not make it good for you, but make it good for those that will follow your footsteps. Children, the next generation, etc. Prepare the way for those that will come after you.

And I can promise that the feeling you will get for it, for being able to make a way, prepare a way for your future generations to accomplish their full potential, is beyond words to describe. Absolutely beautiful.

  • Jeremy Unitt

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