Who Wrote This?


For readers interested in the person that is writing the blog, this page is in service as a small introduction to the man in charge, the guy who felt the need to create this blog and share his personal thoughts on day-to-day things through a Latter-Day Saint perspective. Of course, it’s a personal history, and I know a few people who get bored during history, so if history’s not your thing, it’s totally fine, skip this page.

~ In The Beginning… ~

My name is Jeremy Unitt, I was born at West Point, New York to a father enlisted in active duty and a mother with excellent car salesmanship.

My dad did local medical work for all the cadets at the Military Academy. But within two years time, my dad found himself PCS’d (Permanent Change of Station, how we military people say moving) to El Paso, Texas, where my first sister was born.

~ The Child Tourist ~

I’m a military brat. Generally it was a period of three to four years each location. I have lived in New York, Texas, Alaska, Alabama, Belgium and back to Texas during my 19 years before my full-time proselytizing mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, where I served in the regional division for Tegucigalpa, Honduras, the southern end of the country.

So I’ve been around.

It was always a blur, the time spent in each location, and it only became a recent drive of mine to seek the best of memories from each location.

~ Introvert to Extra-Weird ~

I was always the in the corner sort of guy. It was in Europe when I started reaching out to others, wanting to make friends. I definitely owe a lot to the Boy Scouts of America for that, since everyone were members in the local military community.

But when I came back to the United States, and realized how American non-military pre-teen tastes were so unlike those of overseas solider pre-teens in an international school, I happened to retrogress back to my closed shell, following the risky trend known in our culture as the emo style.

I never really did get to do the hair off to one side in your face thing, but boy, did I get depressed. Since everyone called me emo, I took to the name. It wasn’t really until Junior year after meeting my best friend did I open up again.

Missionary Service ~

I got to serve a full-time mission, a glorious opportunity presented to all Latter-Day Saints to represent the Savior, His Church and His message to a location assigned by revelation to the General Authorities involved in the call (General Authorities is a term to distinguish leaders with worldwide responsibilities).

There among people I would grow to love and learn from, I fostered a deep desire to represent the wonderful message of my belief system, one that is often misunderstood and misrepresented in public.

 ~ What do I freelance? ~

I began with a fan-fiction in 2010 that got a lot more attention than I warranted. Encouragement from its readers moved me to aspire to its canonization within the series I was writing about, but the company that distributed the said idea that I based my fiction on told me that I could not receive permission to do so.

I feel it was some strange attempt at revenge that got me to change enough of the details in the fan-fiction to make it my own creation, and before long I had enough written to publish it. I put it aside for the sake of missionary service, and plan to return to it.

But much of my freelancing is a matter of expanding the idea I got from the fan-fiction with the large amount of material created during my childhood days of free imagination.

~ And this blog? ~

Is a collection of various things.

First, I want it to be an extension of my personal study journal. Nothing fulfills me more than being able to share my discoveries within the scriptures and the doctrines revealed to us in this age as we are blessed with prophets like Israel of old.

Second, I also want it to be a representation to those curious, and those who just seem to be passing by, the quality of life that can be achieved by someone who accepts the message of the Restoration. Sure, I’ve been a member my whole life, but if you didn’t catch that part when I went through the emo trend, I didn’t have much of a spiritual foundation till my later years, which was able to crystallize during my time in Honduras.

Third, I want to take my part in the promise the Lord has uttered, His promise to hasten the work. There is a page that explains my personal insights on that revelation, which was officially declared by the General Authorities, June 23, 2013.

And fourth, I want to inspire others of my faith to take hold of their place in the spreading of the message, and make similar personal accounts of their lives, those that have seen the change as the will of the person is traded in place for the will of the Lord, and the enormous benefits.

So sit back, don’t drink coffee cause it isn’t good for you and go get some water, and see what I can say to inspire you a bit.

– Jeremy Unitt


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