The Subject of Suicide and my Attempt – A Very Serious Post


The primary reason I’m posting this is because I want my readers’ attention. I know that sounds extremely monstrous of me. But continue reading.

For the past week I was in a residential treatment center working on a plan to treat my depression. Because a week earlier I attempted to commit suicide.

It was after that moment, when my life was saved, that I had a chance to realize the seriousness of my condition.

So yes, I want your attention. But not in the way you think. I want your attention on this subject. The subject of suicide. Its seriousness and most importantly, what we can do as readers and bloggers to promote awareness and sources of help to those in need.

I don’t want any reader here to feel sad or sorry for what happened. I want readers to be aware.

I want my experience to be used for good. Keeping it to myself was the true danger.

So I’m going to be open for the sake of others who suffer like me. And dedicate several posts on this subject to promote awareness.

This will be the first. If you are with me on this, please like and share this post. Sharing alone will help immensely.

In regards to my attempt, I am okay and I have treatment. And I feel part of my continued treatment can come from helping others any way I can.

Please, spread the awareness.

– Jeremy Unitt