To give in order to gain – the role of questions


So I’m currently taking the summer version of Business and Professional speech.

Since personal blogs generally intend to promote personal recommendations – I definitely promote this course with Prof. Wood, if anyone is in the Central Texas area.

As a result of incredible teaching and helpful application, during the class I made a huge connection.

I learned that some types of language make a speaker sound less powerful.

On that list of less powerful speech, the book lists as number 5 – questions.

It says in the book even a single type of powerless speech mannerism can make a person appear less authoritative.

Interesting thing then – how God wills that we ask Him. He wills that we ask Him for anything, especially something related to the decision making process. (James 1:5)

Then why doesn’t anybody really want to? I mean following the idea that faith gives us, this “God-guy” knows everything. Why don’t we ask? (Of course I don’t write in irreverence, more in an under the sun point if view if you will)

And as I considered what the class was teaching me, I realized something really important:

We have to literally step down in communcation, give up the power of speech inherit in us, to allow someone else (even God) control over the understanding element in our lives.

It’s less powerful to ask questions. And who in this postmodern world of distrust of authority figures wants to be less powerful?

It makes sense how the repentant, the lowly, the meek, all exhibit one of the hardest qualities in human existence: humility.

How did they start? With less powerful speech. They gave their power to communicate to someone else.

They started with a question.

Can you?