Hastening the Work of Salvation – A Personal Insight


On June 23, 2013, the Brethren of the Church conducted a Worldwide Leadership Broadcast that made an interesting reference point to a promise in the scriptures that launched an initiative from the Lord to encourage members to be true disciples of Christ.

I was in Honduras, specifically in Choluteca, when I got a chance view this WWLB and I got really energized in the effort, that energy eventually carrying me to make this website. But I made some really interesting discoveries during the time frame from then to now.

First, for the readers sake, I’ve been known somewhat as someone who over-thinks things. So for me, a simple scripture, isn’t just a couple words written a long time ago. The words chosen are important to me. I read and study each and every single word, on my not so busy days of course. I look up the footnotes, I search for the scripture’s mention, etc. And I found somethings. Well, a lot of things.

I’ve divided my discovery into convenient little page parts, so you can read all the coolness behind the promise that was made in June, a promise of a higher grade than I think most of us recognize. This might help readers have a chance to understand at a deeper level the purpose of this website.

– Jeremy Unitt



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